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Who We Are

Cimarron Denver has been creating business-to-business presentations since 1979. Our team has won dozens of production awards, including top honors from the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences, AMA, BPAA, CBA, DAF, Denver Chamber of Commerce, Denver Video Festival, IABC, International Film Festival of New York, PRSA, and the Telly Awards.  

While honors are gratifying, we have always recognized one thing, you come to us to focus on your bottom line. As a confederation of strategic partners, we can assemble a customized group of creative people who will come together whenever and wherever your project may require.  Here are a few of the key players:

Sam Brennan

Sam Brennan

President, Cimarron Denver


Sam is the group leader and your main contact. He started as Creative Director with Cimarron in 1981.  Sam helped build Cimarron from a 2-person independent multi-image company to the largest business presentation and multimedia production firm in the Rocky Mountain region. He took over as President in 2001. He has written and produced client conferences from New York to San Francisco, including live corporate theatre and custom music.  Sam has spent the last three decades planning, writing, designing and creating thousands of business presentations.  Sam is a good listener and really enjoys taking your encyclopedia of information and organizing it into a memorable short story. Your first step toward improving audience attention and motivation is to give him a call!

Hilary Blair

Hilary Blair

CEO & Lead Coach, ARTiculate Real & Clear


Hilary Blair, presentation and speaking voice expert, is a highly regarded coach and facilitator working extensively across the US with a variety of businesses including Amerian Express, Janus Funds, Staples, Liberty Global, and Hunter Douglas. She works with a variety of people including entrepreneurs, lawyers, CEO’s, actors, teachers, writers, project managers, etc. Hilary’s years as a stage, film and voice over actor, teacher, and voice coach present a unique skill set.  She sees beyond habits and learned behaviors to what is unique and authentic in the individual or group.  In addition, she facilitates workshops that use improvisation in order to improve leadership skills, team building and creativity.  She is on faculty for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and has been adjunct faculty for a number of universities. 

Keith Singer

Keith Singer

President, MedCenter Network


Keith is an award-winning producer/editor who brings over 30 years experience in broadcasting and video production to the team.  He has produced and edited programs for NBC, ABC, CBS, Animal Planet, Outdoor Life Network, Discovery, History Channel, Great American Country and Disney.  From Pepsi commercials to country music videos, Keith has a national reputation for creatively bringing ideas to reality through video. In the 1980's, he co-founded American Medical Communications and an ad-hoc network of independent television stations in 58 major markets called MDTV.  Keith is the founder and president of, an online video health network, which oversees Catch it in Time, a national cancer awareness program.  

Stelios Stylanou

Stelios Stylianou

President, Chronos Interactive


Stelios is a fascinating guy who was born in Cyprus, where he founded the first chain of computer schools for children in that country. His educational background includes a degree in biomedical engineering. From that starting point, he self-taught his way into becoming one of the most highly regarded computer programmers in the USA.  And while he can focus all his technical expertise on stringing together your electronic message in a creative and reliable delivery format, he can also sit down and have a friendly non-tech chat with you about how to accomplish your goals.  Stelios has been an instructor at the CU Multimedia Studies program. When you’re thinking, “It’s all Greek to me,” Stelios is the person to talk to. 

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